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Kim Shatzko Gaunt C.B.T.S
Studio Director

Kim started dance at the age of 3, training in the discipline of Ballet, & soon after began training in Tap, & later Jazz, Modern & Hip Hop. She trained daily, traveling to dance workshops, competing in dance festivals, participating in RAD Ballet exams and performing on stage, as well as traveling to Mexico, performing in Latin styles such as Cumbia, Salsa & Meringue. Kim has worked with renowned dance choreographers such as "Twitch, Napolian & Tabatha, and Luther Brown" from So You Think You Can Dance. Her passion for dance and love of working with children of all ages led to the decision to continue dance as an Instructor & Choreographer as well as becoming a certified Zumba Instructor. Kim is a Royal Academy of Dance certified Exam Ballet instructor.

Queen Silver Star Excellence Program Sponsor

Choreographer for Fashion Show & Proclamation Dances.

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