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Dress Requirements


BALLET: Black or R.A.D. regulation navy or pink leotard. Pink tights. Pink soft leather full-sole ballet shoes. Black canvas character shoes.

Pointe shoes for Major Syllabus students.


MODERN / CONTEMPORARY / ACRO:  Form fitted shirts and pants/leggings. Beige Toe-shoes (half shoes) & Beige Stir-up Tights for stage performances (i.e. Year End Recital/ Competition). Additional pair of colored/printed foot-undies are acceptable for class practices.


TAP: Form fitted shirts and pants/leggings/shorts. Black full-sole tap shoes.


JAZZ: Form fitted shirts and pants/leggings. Black jazz shoes.


HIP-HOP/ STREET DANCE/ MUSICAL THEATRE: Loose fitting shirt and pants.  Clean running or street shoes.


HOOP DANCE: Form fitted shirts and pants/leggings or dance shorts. Bare feet/ clean shoes.


ZUMBA: Comfortable work-out attire.  Clean running shoes.

BALLET BARRE: Comfortable work-out attire. Bare feet or socks.


No Denim allowed in any class!


GROOMING: All students must wear their hair neatly pulled back off their face.  Ballet students must have a bun or similar style.


COSTUMES: Dance is a Performing Art and as such costumes are an integral part.  Costumes for festivals and recitals are Mandatory.  It is the Parents'/Guardian's responsibility to cover the necessary expenses.



 Available from

-The Movement Boutique; Kelowna, BC

-Dance Essentials; Kelowna, BC   

-Sun Valley Sports; Vernon

-Dancy Pants; Vernon, BC

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